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A  publishing company with a precedent 

Rattlesnake Valley Press was founded in 1987 in Missoula, Montana by artist and printmaker, Dennis Kern.  It received its name from the Rattlesnake Valley where his home and studio were located.

The first issue was a hand printed portfolio of original linocuts, collagraphs, lithographs, woodcuts, and wood engravings by 12 Montana artists for the Montana Centennial.  That issue was produced in a limited issue of 30 portfolios and took two years to complete.

Since then the press continues to publish original prints and photography in limited editions as well as concentrate on web development for artists and businesses. Most of the work shown at this site is for sale.  Artists own the original copyright, so no reproduction or use of these images is permitted without their permission.  If you are interested in purchase of original work or using an image, please e-mail us at: or send a request on our inquiry form.


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